Hi, I’m Erricos Santis, and I’m a Home Business Owner and Online Marketing Professional.

I’m a Mechanical Engineer in profession a husband at home, and also a father of a 28 years old son who is a Metal Artist and Blacksmith. In my Mechanical profession I now specialize on Central Heating and Water Leak Detection.

When I was 12 years old, me and my family together with 200,000 other Cypriots were forced to leave our houses and move to the other half of the island. We are since then 1974, being named REFUGEES in our own country and have never being allowed to visit our homes.
I know how it is for a family to leave all behind and start a new life from zero. All life has being a straggle to survive, including my university studies at the University of Houston, without any financial help from anyone. Washing dishes and helping at gas stations helped me achieve my dreams. My loving wife Anthoulla has being next to me all the way since our high school days and she has been an inspiration and my helping hand. At the age of 45, I decided to quit smoking and finally look into the subject of my health. Since then a lot of changes happened to my personality through the books and articles I have come across. Men like Tonny Robbins, Les Brown, late Jim Rohn have influenced me and have helped me to find meaning in LIFE.

Living a life and not just surviving is now my goal. I spend more time with my family and my loving wife and son, travel as much as I can, swim or bike every day if the weather is good, and constantly trying to make more valuable friends. I am open to any suggestions and businesses.

I am now passionate about Giving people the basic elements to change their mindset, habits and strategies, so they can realize the joy and rewards in helping others, work less and live a balanced life, Building Wealth, Balancing Life, and enjoying the Freedom.

My network marketing experience has upto now being a disaster.
I have been mislead and I have followed friends and others in MLM businesses that I have spend money and time without any success.
Always The Product was in demand and I saw the vision as well as the possibility of making a ton of cash..
” Everyone Travels ” , Everyone Drinks Coffee”, ” Everyone Wants Fast Cash “.

That was going to be easy! With my experiences in Sales and Marketing, it would be a success! Well, it wasn’t..

I did everything wrong… I’m not one to give up easily and kept on struggling. And then ANOTHER networking opportunity came across my path. Certainly THIS was going to be THE business for me ???

I told myself that the first business had the wrong product; it wasn’t suited for my country; it was too expensive, etc.

And then the NEXT opportunity came around – this one was going to be “The Next Big Thing” and a 100% sure to succeed…

At that point, I started doubting myself. Other people were having success in the same business, same product, same pricing… Perhaps I was doing something wrong?

So I decided to have a look on internet and get some network marketing training. I soon realized that in order to become successful I first needed to zap my brain of all sales and marketing knowledge and start from the beginning.

Network marketing had nothing to do with sales…. I soon found a number of training courses that looked good! And as I couldn’t choose I decided to take some of them!

Did I learn anything? Yes, I did – but too much! After five online training courses, three live training sessions, newsletters, podcasts – I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what to do…

I felt so insecure – what should I say if…. Or what if…. Should I use Mr. X’s scripts or Mrs. Y’s?? Going back checking notes… I was so overwhelmed that I froze. Yes, I froze..

I was fed up with network marketing AND myself… All I wanted to do was to get away from every friend that was involved in it and stay away as long as I could. And this is what I did for the past few years.

Until one day something came into my mailbox from a person that I have never seen before, but his email has struck something in my mind. All online businesses were ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and the problem was ME and they way I was going after each business. I was never dedicated or serious about any of them.

I went through all the training material, notes, etc. that this person was offering to me and decided to follow that and ONLY that.. I removed all the training material, notes, etc. from my computer, and unsubscribed from all the newsletters and podcasts..

I started applying the simple steps of the system.. It wasn’t easy… I was way out of my comfort zone, but I kept going. And very soon I started having success. It’s unbelievable what a little success can do for your morale.. I haven’t looked back since..

I now realize that there are probably a lot of people out there having the same issues I had. Being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. Or just doing things the wrong way and needing some simple tips to have success and start getting into momentum.

That’s why I decided to start this blog. To share information that has helped me turn things around and to help others become successful in their home businesses so they too can build their Dream Business just like I did.

To YOUR Success!

Erricos Santis

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